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About Us

Welcome to Shield Remediation, your trusted partner in Structural Restoration and Emergency Services.


We're poised to act swiftly, safeguarding your property from further harm while meticulously restoring it to its former glory.


At Shield, we take pride in our sterling reputation and enduring client relationships, forged through our hands-on approach and unwavering attention to detail.


Working closely with homeowners, business proprietors, insurers, and all project stakeholders, we ensure that every aspect of the job aligns with our clients' desires and requirements, from inception to completion.


With a licensed General Contractor on our team, we offer comprehensive building and reconstruction services, distinguished by our ability to perceive beyond the conventional scope and focus on intricate details.


Proficient in handling insurance claims, we streamline the billing process through the Xactimate program, ensuring efficiency and transparency.


We extend complimentary consultations for all our services. Reach out to us today to alleviate the stress of property damage and let our seasoned technicians restore your home or business to its optimal condition.


Best Regards,


The Shield Team







Storms can strike suddenly, bringing hail and strong winds that inflict immediate damage to your home or business.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a skilled team, Shield is poised to conduct thorough damage inspections

and repairs for your property.

We are committed to taking all necessary measures to ensure the property remains dry and secure.


Our services include:


- Boarding up broken windows

- Affixing loose shingles

- Securing roof tarps

- Removing fallen trees

Mold & Mildew Remediation

Mold, a colony of microscopic organisms, flourishes in damp environments such as basements, kitchens, crawl spaces, bathrooms, inside walls, and ductwork. Prompt action is imperative for both health and property preservation when mold is detected. It's crucial to engage professional services for mold removal. Shield employs certified technicians equipped with state-of-the-art tools to conduct thorough and risk-free inspections and mold removal procedures.


Fires, accompanied by soot and smoke, pose significant threats to both residential and commercial properties on a daily basis. Shield proudly holds IICRC certification for fire, water, and smoke damage restoration.


Upon engaging Shield's services, our team swiftly focuses on ensuring safety, protecting valuable possessions, and executing meticulous cleaning and odor control procedures. Backed by extensive experience, advanced equipment, and expertly trained technicians, Shield is your reliable choice for addressing fire, soot, and smoke damage remediation needs.


Shield recognizes the urgency when your property or business faces the threat of flooding or plumbing leaks. Taking swift action is crucial to prevent mold, odors, and structural damage. Equipped with the necessary tools, Shield is prepared to prevent or minimize the detrimental effects of water damage. We are committed to delivering promptness, meticulous attention to detail, and efficiency to expedite the drying process for your home or business, mitigating further damages.





1877 Opa-Locka Boulevard   -  Opa-Locka Florida  33054       305 710 9565.  

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